Artist Statement


One day, waking up from Sleep Town, there was one thought, only one

thought in the half-awakened mind: “no more killing animals.”

Knowing the allure of meat too well, the decision dawned to do daily animal

drawings (note here: “adorable”), so that the  animals’ cuteness is always a reminder - to reinforce the idea that they should not be consumed. That worked out–but

only for a while. Soon, as the thought weighed heavier, daily paintings started

to devolve into grotesque paintings with not-so-subtle messages about the

cruelty and perversion of the meat industry. Instagram followers are lost,

mom got angry because “vegetarians will lose their bones,” and most

importantly, the paintings started to trigger the scrutinization of the

pre-conditioned societal values of animal and human lives. Crime was a temptation, but then who would take care of the pet rabbit? In the end, nothing matters and

nothing works. Frankly, it is impossible to change the powerful meat-based

societal conditioning. But the artwork will make you think a little. Maybe

tonight you will sleep slightly less well, and maybe tomorrow you wake


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